Friday, July 25, 2008


Friday, March 19th 1999.
After my interest in mid-sized towns I began gaining more curiosity in worldwide geography and bigger cities. Somehow I also missed my birthplace and generally dreamed about going back. My wish was to see a homogeneity of cities throughout all of Costa Rica and not only a concentration of metropolitan areas within the central valley. "Wouldn't it be great to have an important metropolis on the ocean side?" I'd tell myself. At first I thought of building Caribia, on the Caribbean coast. However I knew such a city would have to grow over a multitude of national parks and protected natural rainforest areas. Besides I wanted to see the biggest city far from the central valley, so the southeast Pacific seemed like the perfect spot to develop Pacifica. Its evoquative name would not be taken from the Pacific Ocean but contrarely meant the Ocean would belong to the city.

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